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4,50 => 100gr // 4,50 => 150gr // 4,50 => 200gr // 4,80 => 100gr


The new three-piece for surf casting X Gladius 4000 Special U.K. These tools are built by sharing 9 types of different pre-preg carbon, respect the X Gladius 3000 these rods are much thinner in diameter and lighter in hand. This rod was created for the execution of technical launches as the the Pendulum and Ground with truly exceptional performance in the launch phase.The series consists of three rods with a length of 4:50 mt with casting 80/130-150/200-180/250.Such us all products Artico are fully customizable in the components and is Totally Made in Italy

4,50 mt x 3 Casting Power => 80/130 - 150/200 - 180/250 gr


4,30 mt x 2 Casting Power => 80/120 - 120/180 gr


Artico presents two new stand-up of family APACHE produced with the exclusive Dynanotex: The series Tecnic comes up with the stems very thin and light and has been designed specifically for drifting competitions but at the same time is a great tool for anyone who loves to fight the great marine predators using monofilaments with casting weights light. Obviously keeping all the technical features of the products that are Dynanotex: 1) Cancellation effect plug 2) Minor deterioration of the tissues around 30% 3) Greater resistance to the efforts of about 40% 4) Greater than 50% reactivity with respect to any material on the market today and more convenient handling. The models available are two 30 lbs and 50 lbs a length of ft.5.6 (170 cm)

APACHE TECNIC lbs 30 - 50 lbs


12/20 LB - 20/30 LB - 30/50 Lb - 50/80 LB

Fishing Story AB 2014

Nuova serie di bolognesi top di gamma per la stagione 2012. L’azione è medio-rigida, molto robusta ma allo stesso tempo leggera e con ingombri molto ridotti. In grado di spingere comodamente zavorre da 8 fino a 20 gr., grazie ad un’azione molto rapida abbinata ad una straordinaria sensibilità sulla cima, la Fishing Story AB 2014 può essere utilizzata in molte tecniche di pesca a passata. È sicuramente un attrezzo in grado di soddisfare tutti pescatori anche i più esigenti.

MT. 5,00/6,00/7,00/8,00


Nuova serie di bolognesi ad azione rigida in grado di spingere zavorre fino a 25gr. Molto robuste, si adattono a molte tecniche di pesca come alla spigola, trota in fiume, carpa e a tutte le pesche dalla scogliera. La finitura dei pezzi è opaca, questo permette in caso di pioggia o grande umidità che il filo non tenda ad attaccarsi sul carbonio e può anche essere fornita con blocchi teleregolabili. Si presenta sul mercato su una fascia di prezzo molto interessante rispetto al valore del prodotto.

Mt. 4.00/5,00/6,00/7,00


The new Vampira series extends the already rich collection of Artico’s Vertical Jigging rods. The standard length of Mt. 1.60 supports all the weights from 60 to 350 gr. Made of Carbon PREPREG FERRARI - Carbon V·AR·AM esclusive for Artico, these amazing tools are specialized in giving a very quick and easy movement to the artificial jig, without straining the arm of the user. Features Fuji Alconite CMNAG mount and truly luxurious finish. Quick and fast both for deep sea and midwater fishing, with first class sensitivity to the snap. Excellent match, for fishing at depths of up to 40/50 mt., with CURIOMAX GR 4051 and RD 4051 reels spooled with super soft Artico DYNEMA. Also made of three plug-in sections (Vampira Voyager), it’s designed to facilitate the fishermen in their travels. The compact size (only 60 cm in length) allows it to be carried as hand baggage, maintaining the same technical features of the one-piece Vampira rod.

Mt. 1,60 - GR.: 60/200 - 90/250 - 120/300 - 150/350


The Colibrì series was created with the purpose of offering the most advanced trollers well balanced rods especially in the lightest segments, sensitive and at the same times nervous, strong with a reserve of power for the hardest battles. The innovation is having made a “reserve cone-shaped” handle in which the long tip end is plugged in. This means we have the sensitivity of the tip end plus a pronounced stiffness of the handle and therefore a truly progressive action even with over size prey. To get this particular type of action, Artico has used the very best materials, woven and assembled by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen. NOT JUST A STAND-UP, NOT JUST TROLLING, but a tool that can be used with sinkers, Guardian lead and traina with artificial jigs. In collaboration with Nicola Cocco recognised and undisputed authority in this sector.

Material: Carbon PREGPREG FERRARI - Carbon V.AR.AM esclusive for Artico

Elements: 2
Handle: 68 cm
Tip end: 156 cm
Plug-in: “put-in”
Rings: Fuji Alconite CLAG - Fuji Alconite CHBNH

Mt. 2,10 - lbs: 4-6-8-10-12-16-20