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    Since 1976 Experience, technology and great tradition distinguish the fishing rods manufactured by Artico, one of the very first families that dedicated themselves to this sector. The wide range of products proposed to the market is born from reliable and technologically sophisticated materials, as well as from the valid collaboration with the most prestigious champions in the various angling techniques. The continuous research aimed at perfecting the production and the constant involvement in the evolution of material used, characterize the philosophy and success of this company, so that every fishing rod in conceived with the technical specifications necessary to respond to definite needs. Andin 2012 we launched a line of trolling rods produced with the innovative material Dynanotex that we have a world exclusive for the construction of fishing rods. The blank built in Dynanotex have compared to traditional blank the following advantages:

    1 - Cancellation effect"plug"which allows the blank to follow and absorbany torsion imposed by the hooked fish, eliminating the possibility of breakage
    2 - Minordeteriorationof the tissues, about 30%
    3 - Morestress resistance, about 40%
    4 -Greater reactivity of the blankover 50% and morehandling
    5- 20 year warranty on the blank products in Dynanotex

    Our company is willing to create products of the technical specifications of the buyer and also you can customized all of our products. 
    For more information please contact us we will always beat your disposal.

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