About Artico

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The Artico company is a family-run business, which is named after its founder Sergio Artico, it’s still independent and controlled by the original family unit.

The company is inspired by the traditional values of reliability, honesty and commercial fairness, with the ambition to be considered by customers, suppliers and employees a reliable partner with whom to establish long and fruitful commercial relationships.

The company structure is streamlined and extremely flexible, ready to satisfy the most unexpected needs.

More than forty years of business, continuous researches, innovative processing systems and a particular attention to the evolution of the materials used in the production processes are just some of the characteristics that distinguish the wide range of Artico products, where, from the father Sergio up to his sons Silva, Giuliana and Antonio, have been handed down unique experiences achieved in the industry and great passion.

The Artico family has always been at the cutting-edge of experimentation and use of raw materials and processing techniques. In fact, in 1976 it was the first company in Italy to produce fishing rods with carbon fiber: a real revolution in the industry, because it allowed to reduce the weight of the rods themself up to three/four times compared to the existing products on the market, ensuring greater robustness and way better performances. Throughout the years, so as to ensure high quality products, other very sophisticated materials have been applied from the aeronautical and automotive sector, as currently the Dynanotex. Sergio Artico, who is a man of rare genius, has also invented the CYLINDRICAL ROD, giving life to an innovative processing system.

Thanks to the collaboration with prestigious technicians and the artisanal character of the company, every rod is designed, tested and checked in order to guarantee the technical features required at every specific need.

The success and the strength of the company is therefore the capability to design and build custom fishing rods for the type of use and on particular requests.

Furthermore great satisfactions have been also reached in the competitive area, where many Italian and World titles have been won in both singular and team category.